IME Companions was created to take a stand against the wrong and dishonest reports written by doctors who perform these IME exams. Many of the doctors who perform these examinations are completely biased against the patient. IME doctors sometimes never look at the patient or barely examine them. The false and misleading IME reports purchased by insurance carriers can have a devastating effect upon injured workers and accident victims seeking justice. IME Companions purpose is to memorialize what really happened in the examination room, to protect the clients from these reports in many situations and to provide rebuttal testimony at trial.

IME Companions believes the best results are obtained by hard work and preparation. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service.

Our Team

Safa Gelardi

CEO & Founder, Fordham University

Vice president turned entrepreneur, Safa is the guiding force behind IME Companions; helping to establish the company as the lead provider of advocates for plaintiffs. Mrs. Gelardi is an accomplished professional with 20 years experience in the business development field. Her last position was Vice President of a financial institution, her responsibilities were business development, and to monitor the collateral and financial performance of a $120 million dollar portfolio.

Vito Gelardi

President, Queens College

Mr. Gelardi has an extensive background in business development and managing client relations. He is a results oriented self employed management professional. Vito has been involved in helping form many businesses and has been responsible for the tremendous growth in many businesses. His responsibilities are operational, administrative, marketing and business development.